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Monday 6th July 2009 - 12:12:43 PM

This is a cute idea by KnitKnit that I’ve seen on Etsy and elsewhere. I decided to make one for my niece who always seems to be big into knitting, at least when I’m around (probably because she can bug me to hep her with hers when I visit).

I used some white acrylic yarn given to me, through the grape vine, by a knitter who had no need for it anymore. Along with that white yarn I used some really thin but fuzzy and colorful recycled yarn that I purchased via Etsy (there are a ton of great shops that sell recycled yarn on that site). It was fast enough to whip up, using 2 size 8 dpns. For the portion that I write on, I just used an old cereal box cut to the size of the knitted face of the postcard, and a tapestry needle to attach the two to each other. That little bow on the front is the ends of the yarn that I used to attach the two pieces together.

I’m hoping the post office doesn’t give me crap about sending it, and that it doesn’t require much more postage than it already has because there’s not a lot of room for any more ;)


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  1. Rikkianne

    Oh wow! That is so cool!!!!

    Comment left on 6 July, 2009 @ 10:34 pm

  2. Kaylee

    I got your awesome knitty mail! it was so awesome even my friends liked it.

    Comment left on 14 July, 2009 @ 8:52 pm

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