DIY Iced Coffee

Tuesday 4th August 2009 - 2:12:17 PM

I recently got into iced coffees, mainly because it’s just too hot for hot coffee this time of year. I’m not crazy about flavored syrups, don’t like a ton of sugar in mine either, and I just like being able to add my own amounts of sugar, ice, creamer, etc. Not only that, but I hate to have to run out when I need a caffeine kick, and to have to pay so much to get it. So, being the ever frugal personality that I am, I decided to try my hand at making my own iced coffee. Here’s how it went down…

I have a coffee press that holds about 4 cups of coffee at a time. So I brewed 2 coffee presses worth of coffee, doubling the amount of coffee ground scoops I’d usually put in the press each time (6 instead of 3 in my case). This is the key, to make the coffee twice as strong, because when you go to add ice later, it will dilute the coffee and if it’s not strong enough to begin with, it’ll get watered down. I filled up an iced tea pitcher worth of the brewed coffee and let it cool over night in the fridge.

Then this morning I just grabbed a glass that holds about 10 oz, put in my half and half and a few scoops of sugar and stirred that up well (sugar doesn’t dilute so well in cold coffee so a lot of stirring helps distribute it). I then filled the cup to about halfway with ice. Then I poured in the cooled coffee the rest of the way. A few stirs and a sip proved delicious. You can always add more ice or water if you find your coffee is still too strong. And I’m sure if you’re big into the flavored coffees you can find flavored syrups to add to your home brewed iced coffee. If you do add a sugary syrup, you can probably forgo adding any more sugar to the coffee aside from the flavored syrup unless you feel it needs it. Mess around with it and you might find you really like the results. The biggest perk for me is not needing to spend time and money to go out to a chain store just to get the caffeine boost I need in the morning, and having the result of iced coffee that’s just as good as any I’ve ever bought, made just the way I want it.

I still have a ton of brewed coffee left. It should honestly last me a few days, depending on whether or not my h-band gets into it as well ;)


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  1. Charley

    What’s a h-band?

    Comment left on 4 August, 2009 @ 2:17 pm

  2. Kate

    That’d be a John…

    Comment left on 4 August, 2009 @ 2:24 pm

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