Cupcake Cake Disaster – The Companion Cube

Tuesday 6th October 2009 - 11:59:40 AM

Happy birthday to my h-band John! I picked up some cake mix, icing and those little packets of colored icing for decorating, not really sure what I’d turn his cake into this year. I wasn’t feeling too inspired, possibly because I am so pregnant (39 weeks and just 3 days from my due date) and was just starting to feel some back pain that would turn into light contractions as I was sitting in the kitchen, trying to determine what to turn his cake into.

Last year I made him a cupcake cake replica of himself. Well, a very crude caricature of himself because I’m no cake artist… This year I had ideas about map cakes or map cupcakes but couldn’t really think of what kind of significant map I could put on a cake or cupcake for him. Then I started thinking about the other things in his life that he likes, including video games. We both really dug the game Portal when it came out, and so I figured it could be relatively easy for me to make a cupcake-cake into the companion cube from the game. Albeit I didn’t have any black and pink icing to use for the cube’s details, I figured I’d wing it with what I did have. The result is a sloppy cupcake cake companion cube (pictured above) that could have been way cooler, had I some fondant and time to color and shape it.

When John got home from work I told him I made him a cupcake cake disaster, which he thought was funny in itself, as he’s a huge fan of Cake Wrecks. But he could at least tell by looking at the cake what it was “supposed” to be, so that’s cool. ;) And we both enjoyed chowing down on the cupcakes themselves, the taste of which is pretty impossible to screw up. And John’s Dad, who came over later in the night, could even tell what it was supposed to be (sans a cupcake), and also enjoyed a cupcake or two. So it was not a total loss. Happy 28th, love!

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  1. Kara

    Awesome Cake! Thinking of what to bake for Kaylee’s bday

    Comment left on 7 October, 2009 @ 10:40 am

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